Community Games


Kids love the Community 

Epic offer programmes of activities for local children during the school holidays that are jam-packed with fun and variety. We call these the Community Games. The activities range from dodgeball to dance, and swimming to arts and craft-making! We even offer the children an incentive for good behaviour - there's always a trip or a party at the end of programme to enjoy.



We use trained sports and activity leaders to ensure that the activities are well-structured and organised, and always place great emphasis on providing a safe environment for the children. A lot of thought goes into the planning of the event to ensure that the children are offered a variety of activities to take part in and enjoy.

The Games are held at venues across the St Ann's and Sneinton areas to ensure that they are accessible to as many local children as possible.

But don't just take our word for it - just look at what children and their parents have said!

“It was sick, roller skating and swimming was wicked, and I can’t wait to go again!”

“Molly loved it. She really came out of her shell, which is good to say she didn't even want to go in the first place”

“I was really scared, and I had to climb down the steps to go in the deep end. Then I jumped in and I was so proud, now I'll jump in the deep end every time I go swimming”

“Are Epic here next week, it’s been good, I want you to come back and work here again”