Full Effect

The Royal Foundation is working with Epic Partners, the Community Recording Studio (CRS), and Latimer Creative to deliver Full Effect; a project to improve the opportunities for young people and reduce youth violence in St Ann’s, Nottingham.

Our Theory of Change -

Young people are more likely to be drawn into crime where there is a lack of more positive options. Given opportunities to gain skills, experience and qualifications they will develop higher aspirations and confidence. Such young people can become good role models and mentors for younger children and active and respected young leaders in the community.

Early intervention to support primary aged children at risk can divert them into positive activities and increase their chances of doing better at school and becoming role models themselves.

As more good things happen in St Ann’s, the area will be viewed more positively and the changes will be valued and sustained by the community.

PH Huntingdon

Each partner has their own skills and knowledge to enable the project to succeed.  Epic’s links into formal education and experience in partnership work mean that we can provide effective diversionary activities for primary school children, with support and guidance from constant reliable adults. CRS are renowned in the area for their work with hard-to-reach young people, and the delivery of high-quality music and media based projects.  Through their work, young people are being engaged into the project and receive training from a variety of providers, including a London-based media company called Latimer Productions.

Children and young people involved in the project are receiving:    

  • Mentoring & support.
  • Free accredited learning offered in community sites, ensuring accessibility.
  • Access to volunteering and employment opportunities in local schools, community sessions and with partner agencies.
  • Diversionary activities (for young people aged 7-25) in Sport, Music and Creative Art across the community.

So far we have:

    • Supported 32 vulnerable, at risk, children aged 6-11 through mentoring in primary schools.
    • Enabled 13 young people to receive accredited media-based training.
    • Supported an additional 75 children aged 6-11, via walking buses to access our community diversionary programme.
    • Engaged 250 young people aged 6-16 in community-based diversionary programmes during school holidays.
    • Provided emotional well-being and mentoring support to 16 young people aged 16-28.
    • Enabled 13 young people to receive accredited media-based training.
    • Supported 12 young people aged 16-28 to participate in work placements in London with the likes of Lenny Henry, BBC1 Xtra, GRM Daily and I AM MUSIC TV.
    • Written, produced and created a short film about the challenges young people face living in St Ann's;
    • Worked with Birmingham Royal Ballet to provide young people an opportunity to explore the art and take part in a stage production;
    • Created a hip hopera which provides a creative platform for local yound people to relate their stories and experiences of living in St Ann's;
    • Provided an opportunity for 3 young people to continue their development as role models in the area through the creation of an early intervention primary school film resource.

To check out the film and learn more about the programme, please visit www.full-effect.org or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.