Programmes for Adults

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Epic runs a project that offers a range of support services to local adults. The services are designed to complement our established Free4All programme, through which we offer donated goods to locals, free-of-charge.

The programme offers adults who may feel marginalised and vulnerable by giving them an opportunity to meet weekly, build friendships and talk through issues and challenges. Information and tips are available on how to save money on household expenses (for example, by switching energy, broadband or insurance providers), and group members can also take advantage of our emplyment support (e.g. CV preparation and application completion) and service.

To add variety to the sessions, those that attend our weekly sessions can take part in a range of activities such as our popular arts and craft sessions through which they share knitting and sewing skills, and make clothing and jewelley. To provide access to different local communites, we hold 3 weekly sessions across the local area.

If you'd like to support our Free4All programme, we welcome donations of any goods that you may no longer want, including:

clothes, shoes, bedding, curtains, children's toys, pushchairs, small items of furniture, household goods and fabrics.


ESOL, Employability Skills & IT Support - The communities of St Ann's and Sneinton are home to many families that come from parts of the world where English is not their first language. Understanding our culture and our language can seem very daunting at first to newcomers. Learning the basics of the English language can make life so much easier, and whether the aim is simply to integrate into their new surroundings, access further education or find employment, Epic are here to help!


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 Our experienced and qualified ESOL tutor provides free group-based and one-to-one tuition for those that want to learn or improve their English. You'll learn in a relaxed atmosphere and get to meet other people.   


Epic also provides support to individuals that are looking for employment. We know how hard it is to find work without knowledge of, or access to, computers and the internet.  Our in-house IT expertise is used to complement our English teaching provision by providing practical group-based or one-to-one IT training for those that want to job-search, use email and apply for work. Our staff understand what employers want and can provide effective guidance to help improve your employment prospects.


Small Steps Big Changes - This is a 10-year programme running across 4 wards in Nottingham, aimed at providing children aged 0-3 years with the best start in life. Working alongside Framework and St Ann's Advice Centre, Epic are involved in the recruitment and training of the Family Mentors employed by Framework to provide support to families that welcome a child into their family from 1st September 2016.



For more information on what we have to offer, please contact Adrian Bate 0115 8372021, or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.