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Community Games Collage

What do Epic do?

Epic provides a range of programmes that are designed to enrich the lives of children and adults that live in the St Ann's and Sneinton areas of Nottingham. We have over 12 years of experience of designing and delivering a diverse range of projects and programmes that are targeted at disadvantaged families within the community. Unlike many other providers, we offer more than just activities. We provide a more holistic and nurturing approach that includes mentoring and providing additional support, if needed, to participants. Many, though by no means all, of our programmes involve recreation and sport, and we work closely with local schools to supplement their own provision.

Epic runs affordable programmes of activities during the school holidays. All children are welcome to take part in the Community Games. The activities are all supervised by highly-trained and qualified staff to ensure the children enjoy themselves in a fun and safe environment. This programme, which is designed to keep the children physically active, and stimulate their creative instincts, has been running successfully for many years.

We run weekly recreational and sports programmes, which includes football, street hockey, swimming and Picture 190basketball. In 2013 we began to support a football club, St Ann's and Sneinton FC (SAS FC), which now has 8 teams competing at different age levels in a local league.

SAS Sharks is our new swimming provision for local school children run from the Victoria Leisure Centre. The programme provides an opportunity for children to develop their confidence and water skills under the careful guidance of experienced and qualified swimming coaches.



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We don't just do sport, though - we do have other talents! Indeed, one of our core programmes, Full Effect, supported by the Royal Foundation, enables young adults within the local community to access training and development opportunities, so they can be a role model and help support and guide local children.This is done through the provision of engaging activities and mentoring programmes. The programme involves working closely with local schools to support children that have had to face challenges in their home lives, providing activities designed to reduce the temptation of becoming  involved in anti-social activities.

To support adults in the community, we have a qualified therapist and counsellor who is experienced in providing confidential guidance and support to individuals within a school-based or community setting. We also work in partnership with talented craftspeople and artists to offer workshops and training designed to increase confidence, promote team-working skills and stimulate business ideas within the community.

Those looking for employment can take advantage of Epic's English and IT training support which can also benefit those that simply want to integrate more effectively within their community. Training can be offered in a relaxed environment in small groups, or on a one-to-one basis. We have a strong record of assisting people into work, whether they are mothers returning after a career break, or adults with English as a second language which can limit their employment opportunities. To learn more about what we can offer, have a look at our English & IT Tuition and Family Support sections.