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School Swimming


School Swimming

In 2011 Epic received support from Speedo to develop and deliver a swimming project for children. The aim of the project was to give the most gifted and talented swimmers in the area of St Ann's and Sneinton with the chance to develop their swimming skills and technique. It soon became apparent, however, that the majority of children in the area do not swim often enough to enable them to competently swim 25m. Epic's response was to focus on teaching children how to swim, giving birth to our "Epic Child A Swimmer" programme to ensure that every local child learns to swim 25m before they leave primary school.

The programme has been so successful since it's inception 8 years ago that it has attracted further support and funding from Boots and the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust (who also support the St Ann's and Sneinton Football Club).

For more information or to get involved please contact chantelle.stefanovic@epicpartners.co.uk