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1970 -

This is the era that not many people have knowledge on because it was harder to record things from this time, also it was not as easy to get access to video games as it is today.



The Magnavox Odyssey is the first commercial home video game console. It was developed by a small team led by Ralph H. Baer at Sanders Associates and released by Magnavox in the United States in September 1972 and overseas the following year. The Odyssey consists of a white, black, and brown box which connects to a television set, and two rectangular controllers attached by wires.

Top 5 Arcade games:

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  1. Space Invaders
    video games 80s GIF by RETRO-FIEND
    Space Invaders
  2. Pong
  3. Galaxian
  4. Asteroids Breakout
  5. Tank
  6. Computer Space
  7. Anti-Aircraft
  8. Death Race
  9. Lunar Lander
  10. Star Raiders

List of games made in the 1970’s:

1971 — Galaxy Game, Computer Space, Empire, Star Trek, The Oregon Trail, Baseball
1972 — Pong, Hunt the Wumpus, Star Trek ; launch of Magnavox Odyssey
1973 — Gotcha, Space Race; BASIC Computer Games book
1974 — Tank, Maze War, Spasim, Gran Trak 10, Speed Race
1975 — Colossal Cave Adventure, Gun Fight, Indy 800, dnd, pedit5; launch of Magnavox Odyssey Series
1976 — Artillery, Breakout, Blockade, Death Race, Sea Wolf, Night Driver, Sprint 2, Microchess; launch of Coleco Telstar and Fairchild Channel F
1977 — Empire, Combat, Space Wars, Super Bug, Zork; launch of Apple II, Atari 2600, Bally Astrocade, Color TV Game, Commodore PET, Compucolor II, and TRS-80 Model I
1978 — Space Invaders, Atari Football, Beneath Apple Manor, MUD1; launch of Magnavox Odyssey and Exidy Sorcerer
1979 — Galaxian, Asteroids, Head On, Adventure, Star Raiders, FS1 Flight Simulator, Temple of Apshai, Lemonade Stand; launch of Atari 400/800, Intellivision, and Microvision