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1990 -

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The children had more first hand knowledge from this, because the games consoles are similar to how they were and the games that they play outside haven’t changed either.


Sega Dreamcast (1999)

Sega’s swan song in the console world, the short-lived Dreamcast was ahead of its time. In 1999, the small, white box launched as Sega’s sixth console generation, delivering online play and crisp 3D graphics before the Sony PS2, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo GameCube entered the market. Dreamcast controllers have their own screens with the system’s unique VMU memory cards, allowing you to play mini games or gain a tactical advantage. And when it comes to fun, classics like “Shenmue,” “Crazy Taxi” and “Sonic Adventure” are still just as enjoyable today.


i make s sometimes sonic the hedgehog GIF
Sonic Adventure

1991 – First Super Nintendo (aka SNES Super NES) video game console released by Nintendo.

1994 – First PlayStation (aka PS or PS1) video game console released by Sony Computer Entertainment.

1994 – First Sega Saturn video game console released by Sega.

1996 – First Nintendo 64 (aka N64) video game console released by Nintendo.

1998 – First Dreamcast video game console released by Sega.  The last video game console made by Sega.