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Who Are Epic?

Who Are Epic?

Epic is a small team of specialists that possess a diverse set of skills, ranging from sports programme facilitation to English and IT teaching. Our staff are drawn from a variety of backgrounds, but we have one common purpose, to enrich the lives of the communities that we serve.

We offer physical activity packages to schools that includes lunchtime activities, after-school clubs and P.E lessons as well as pastoral services to help support the learning and emotional resilience of pupils. 

We run multiple community events and activities weekly and during the school holidays at various locations around St Ann’s and Sneinton. We care about our local community, and want those who take part in our activities and projects to have fun and to learn at the same time. We take care to design our programmes to achieve this goal. 

We strive to ensure that what we offer is open and accessible to everyone.

We set ourselves high standards and continually look to improve and acquire the necessary skills to ensure that we deliver quality programmes.