Summer Camps Cancelled


With extensive thought and careful deliberation, I am regrettably having to inform you and due to the coronavirus pandemic, that we will not be able to host the Summer Camps in August this year. For two months we have waited and remained hopeful, but due to the potential health and safety risk to our staff, the children, young people and their families and not knowing the reality of what the consequences could be has led to our final decision.

This has been very difficult for myself and the Board of Trustees at Epic Partners in making this decision because we are managing the complexity of so many unknowns, and it has become clear that we are unable to provide a safe environment and we could not imagine running activities "as usual" when the health and safety of children and their families as well as Epics staff would be at risk, as such we concluded that, at this time, it is most prudent to cancel all our holiday activities during the summer of 2020.

Our strong relationships extend beyond the summer months and we look forward to September and onwards to continue working with and supporting schools, children, young people, families, and the wider community.

Paul Naylor


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